Monday, July 9, 2012

Updates: My idea won! (and other updates)

This is like two weeks late, but my Internet went out two weeks ago, and I spent all last week playing catch-up (amazing how much a week without Internet can set you back in work!).  Anyways, as you may have read my post about the Community Game idea now accepting ideas for its game.

Well, the submissions have been over for a while now, and so has the voting of those submissions.  And as my heading already tells you, my submitted idea won!  Cool!  Now, the game's going to be developed, and I'm even going to be contributing some help to the game.  Pretty cool.

In other news, I'll be uploading some game assets for sale pretty soon, and I'll post my new game assets' home website up soon, which is almost finished.  And also, I'm getting closer to finishing my demo for my Kickstarter soon.  I'm hoping to start my game's Kickstarter this month.  Another thing going on is that Operation Moogle is continuing where it left off last year, and I'm already working on our first animation for supporting our effort.  Just a lot of cool stuff happening right now!

That's all for right now.  I'll have more to post later, but it may be a little while until my next post.  As you can tell, I'm kinda busy right now!

- Brian

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