MMJ Favorites

MMJ Favorites is dedicated to sharing instructional and insightful videos made by some of my favorite artists and indie game developers out there.  These are inspirational for me, both as an artist and as someone who desires to share understanding.  I watch these for inspiration of creative ideas, to discover something new I never understood, and to help me better put into words what I do already understand.

I think you might find many of these quite helpful.  I still plan to create my "Sharetorials" for this blog, though life's got me very occupied at the moment, but I'm getting around to creating them.  I'd like to think that my Sharetorials would be complements to the likes of these kinds of videos.

I encourage you to subscribe to these guys on their available websites, YouTube Channels, and Twitter/Facebook pages!  I can't seem to post Vimeo videos here on Blogger (particularly those of Ctrl+Paint--a favorite of mine), so I'll just post links to those as regular posts on the Home page.  Enjoy!

EPISODE 46 Far Worlds (from FZDSCHOOL)

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