Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coming This Week: PolyKraft Assets, Indie DB pages, and finishing Creating Blue River Canyon

PolyKraft series from PolyKhrome
One of six beautiful terrains available next week!
I know, I know.  I'm rather terrible when it comes to setting a time for things.  Macro Man, you say one thing here and then you're late about it.

Well, hey, life happens.  Life takes me in another direction than I intend.  And I've got a personal gremlin who loves to sabotage my plans.  My many plans.  It's why I try to underpromise and overdeliver now.

But enough justification of my tardiness.  For reals this time, some long-awaited stuff I've been working on (in my very busy schedule) are debuting this week:
  • My first series of assets are coming to my Powerhouse asset store-in-development.  You can read a bit more about it here (click on the link in the April 17th box).
  • Parts Two and Three of "Creating Blue River Canyon with Brian Lockett" are also coming.
  • At least one of my two Indie DB pages in development will finally launch this week.  One page is for SeVer (which is the one I want to launch first), and the other is for Cyka.  (You can check out my developer's blog for more about them.)
And with that said, let me not tempt my life gremlin any further than I already have.  That's all for right now.

- Brian

The Fantastic Five--Coming soon to a Blender near you!

Just a bit of a teaser announcement here.

I'm developing the "Fantastic Five" for Blender 2.6.

What are the "Fantastic Five"?  These are the Fantastic Five:

  • Project Coalescence
  • Project Plasma
  • Project Threads
  • Project Kilauea
  • Project Fluxus

What's so "fantastic" about them?  You can read a tiny bit more about it here.

Now, keep in mind that this developing comes in addition to my game development on a title called SeVer, which takes top priority with my time.  I don't want to get ahead of myself here.  But I just wanted to share a bit of teaser trailer of what's on the horizon.

- Brian