Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just An Update: New MediaFire account and gallery page soon

I've got a new MediaFire account, which is good because it will allow me to share rather sizable downloads with anyone.  In the future, this will come in handy when I make links to any available software builds from project I'm working on.  At the moment, I'm working on just one of my ideas which is currently just in concept stage of development.  I won't give too much away, but it's a software that many 3D artists are going to appreciate, a real time-saving and fun-to-use aid for the 3D modeler that especially keeps Blender in mind but will be handy for 3D artists any 3D package, and it will be free.  I'm looking forward to charting that adventure soon enough, and I'll be using Ohloh to chart development in addition to adding posts here once I begin some programming.

I'm still working on that stuff I posted last post about working on.  I will put the .blend files of my finished 3D vehicle concept models here, and post new pictures in a new gallery page I'm adding to this blog.  Though, I don't like to give away stuff in early development, I'm getting closer to completion on some character designs for my Kung Fu Space Cowboy webcomic.  I'm also getting some ideas for the first season of story for it.  I want this to be an action comedy, strange yet stylish, an adventure with even a dash of romantic element.  Despite the inanity of the storyline and purposely simple title, I'm working on making this brilliantly executed with the art direction.

Anyways, that all for this post.  Keep exploring!

- Brian

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