Monday, June 4, 2012

Another indie game I REALLY like: StarForge

Once again, I'm not only an indie game developer, but I'm an indie game lover.  I try to post up games that I just wish as many eyes as possible would see.  Last time I showed Megabyte Punch, and that game's really coming along (check that one out, too, if you haven't).  This time, check out this exciting game in development called StarForge.  To describe it in short, take Minecraft, Starcraft II and Halo, and throw them into a blender, and basically, this awesome game is what you'll get.

But this game is really its own game, uses a very unique voxel-building system, incorporates several genres to define its own subgenre of RTS game (something I myself can relate to), and is just quite a promising game.  It's already making some waves and gaining some notice in the world of indie games.  What's even more crazy is that currently, only two guys are developing this game, and they're using Unity game engine to do it (again, I can relate to those myself). These two guys are creating (part-time) a kind of game that even larger major full-time game development teams won't do. This game is both inspiring and interesting to me.

Watch this video on YouTube of one of the developers walking through some of the development of the game, and then download their pre-alpha "builder demo" here (or their website, if that download link should stop working for any reason).  Enjoy (and then support them by Liking the video, if you like it)!

- Brian

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