Friday, June 29, 2012

Why didn't I find out about this sooner?!

A picture of Bryce 7 Pro
Get it free while you can!

I have no idea why and not that I'm complaining at all, but in case you didn't know already, DAZ has been giving away some of their flagship software titles for free for a while now (since about February, apparently).

They're giving the 3D terrain modeling and animation commercial software Bryce 7 Pro absolutely free, along with their 3D modeler Hexagon 2.5 and the normally-free Daz Studio 4 which now included commercial Genesis included for free--all free for a limited time.

I just one day last week went to this site by chance just to check out Bryce 7, and surprise!  It's free!  I just wish I had found it sooner!

So, if you're interested in checking them out, even just to fool around with them, go there and download them!  This goes well with Blender and Unity Indie version--both of which I use for my game development.

Though I already own other software for my game terrain, it certainly never hurts to have more!  Bryce 7 Pro in particular has some very useful terrain generation and rendering features.  And for free!

- Brian


  1. Hello Brian,

    The link you provided for Smith Micro Free Software directs me to DAZ. Last time I check DAZ and Smith Micro were not one in the same.

    1. Oops, sorry about that. Simple mistake. I meant DAZ. Fixing that now. And sorry this comment's so late. :P


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