Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a little bit longer, folks, but check this out in the meanwhile...

Hey, guys!  Oy--sorry about the delay!  Ran into a few personal issues, and freeing up time has been crazy for me lately, but I'm back and running.  Anyways, I don't have much here to report just yet, but I did update my Downloads and Sharetorials pages a bit, and you can check out my uploaded Blender theme if you'd like.  I call the theme "Dream Blue" and I designed it specifically for my desire for a Blender color scheme that uses other colors than the dark gray scheme (which I think most 3D packages employ way too much these days).  This is just one of many themes I plan to design.  I want to keep them vivid and engaging, all while still being easy on the eyes.  Blue is one of my favorite colors, and is known to produce a calming and refreshing effect (and trust me--I need that!), so I used shades of blue together that relax me but don't make me sleepy.  I think it kinda looks like Daphne Blake's clothing motif from Scooby Doo a little.

I'm putting a lot of time in my videos, and I'm making more than one.  I had some issues with my screencasting software--like finding a free one that doesn't bug out on me!--but I think I've found a solution.  I am also working on a few scripts ideas for Blender add-ons, and these are some pretty neat ideas for add-ons that I'm working on, if I do say so myself.  And I'm still brainstorming some ideas for my software in development, which I promise you'll like if I can complete the thing.  Sorry I've been keeping any of you waiting, but I'm balancing a lot of things right now, so I hope this little bit of news shows some indication to you all that I'm working hard on my projects and will hold you just a little while longer.  Though, I must say, besides my coming work, there are a lot of things that I'm anticipating in the coming months that have got me really excited.

I'm looking forward to the release of Blender 2.58 coming next month on June 7.  I'm looking forward to end results of the various Google Summer of Code 2011 projects being done with Blender and Gimp.  I'm also looking forward to E3 2011, for news on upcoming releases for the Nintendo 3DS (which I'm just dying to develop some games for) and undoubtedly the event that will steal the show at E3 this year, "Project Café" (which, in case you haven't heard over the last few months, is the codename for Nintendo's next console, and Nintendo's really kicking butt and taking names with this one).  I've been following this project almost since day 1, and have been following the hints from Nintendo previous to this project's announcement, and I'm so glad to finally see some confirmations on this project, and that Nintendo will officially spill the beans about it at E3 this year.  (And Nintendo will be the first to present their baby, much to Sony and Microsoft's dismay!)

Some thing have been announced already, like the fact that the "Project Café" will debut sometime in Spring 2012, they're really pushing strong third-party support, and that the console will feature a revolutionary controller, but Nintendo is being careful not to have many leaks about their product.  But what they have revealed about the console, and what some rather third-party game developers and popular sources have been leaking and rumoring about the next-gen console from Nintendo, has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Nintendo's official revealing at E3.  I'll just say this: as a lifelong Nintendo fan, I haven't been this excited about a Nintendo home console in a while!  You can trust this guy David Turnbull on his news, updates and discussing rumors about the Nintendo 3DS and "Project Café" (which, reportedly, many are tentatively calling the "Nintendo Stream" due to the console's special "streaming" controller scheme).  In fact, I recommend that you "Subscribe" to everything this guy David has to offer, if you care about this kind of stuff!  When E3 comes next month, there's gonna be a whole lot of awesome stuff to pique your interested throughout all this and next year (if you're a gamer)!  [giddy squeal]

Anyways, that'll do it for this one.  Be sure to Ctrl-click my links in this post and check them out.  I'll be back with more stuff pretty soon.  Later, and keep exploring!

- Brian

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CORRECTION: I meant to say that the E3 show was on June 7, not the release of Blender 2.58.  That was a backspace error I forgot to fix when rearranging the sentences.

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  1. Hello I am zxride64 from the Nintendo 3ds blog and the nintendo I am currently trying to figure out blender as i am a beginner so it was a surprise for me to see you a blender user. I can't wait for E3 because of the new info on games coming to the wii like skyward sword and the last story, the new 3ds games coming out and 25th anniversary of zelda. I also can't wait to see FF XIII-2 ( i love FF XIII) FF Versus Xiii (hopefully) Uncharted 3 and more.
    I hope to use blender and Unreal Engine 3 to create a game similar to the style of FF XIII and Versus XIII.


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