Monday, April 30, 2012

Few game terrain screenshots on Facebook

I have a few game terrain screenshots today being posted on the PolyKhrome Facebook page.  It's early development shots of the canyon desert terrain for the continent Zapade in my game Cyka and this region alone about 21 miles big.  The continent in this game is expansive and huge, and fully-explorable as a persistent world in the game's online Conquest mode.  There's only the rough stage and you'll see them fully-textured and perfectly-tweaked for the game pretty soon.

By the way, as posted on the PolyKhrome developer's blog, which is undergoing a little reconstruction today as well, the first 100 people to Like the PolyKhrome Facebook page and leave the comment "I want Cyka!" will receive a free PC or Mac desktop version of the game when its finished.  If you want to know more about just what Cyka is about, be sure to check out this article on the PolyKhrome developer's blog.  Later!

- Brian

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